Nurse Consultant

Jasmine trained and worked as an Adult and Mental Health Nurse, working with adult, children, and young people with eating disorders. Jasmine has a passion for ‘recovery-focused care’ and believes in a full ‘mind and body’ approach to mental health care (No Health without Mental Health). Jasmine completed an MRes in Clinical and Health Research with a focus on the care of young people with anorexia nervosa which found that nursing care was critical in recovery.

Jasmine’s aim is to provide safe, person-centered care in order to provide the best outcome for clients. Jasmine uses a non-judgemental approach while providing transparent care. Jasmine has years’ experience in eating disorders therefore care will be safe using current eating disorders measuring tools for physical health. This will allow Jasmine to identify early warning signs for declining physical health so that intervention can be implemented early to prevent further decline.

Jasmine will work in line with GP services in order to meet ‘the gaps’ in care and will see clients who are struggling to be seen by their GP as regularly as they need. Jasmine will complete signposting if she feels a further physical investigation is needed for example to cardiology or gastroenterology if there are signs of concern.

Jasmine will inform the wider team of physical health concerns to support therapy and dietetics.

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Registered Mental Health and Adult Nurse
MRes Clinical and Health Research
Senior Mental Health Practitioner Solent CAMHS West