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Group Support
Together Healing and Beyond

The journey through and beyond an eating disorder is deeply personal yet universally shared. Our group support sessions cater to those at various stages of their journey—whether you're currently navigating the challenges of an eating disorder or embracing the journey of aftercare. These sessions offer a dual focus: providing immediate support and guidance while also addressing the long-term aspects of recovery and maintenance.


Our face-to-face sessions create a nurturing environment for sharing experiences and strategies, crucial for both current challenges and aftercare.


Engage in discussions that not only address immediate recovery techniques but also explore aftercare strategies to maintain and support long-term wellness.

Online Sessions

With the convenience of online access, continue your journey of recovery and aftercare within a supportive community, regardless of your physical location.


Our digital platform offers a plethora of resources, including live sessions focused on both recovery and aftercare, ensuring you have support at every stage.

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