Sports Therapist

James qualified as a chartered Sports Therapist from the University of Chichester in 2021. During his undergraduate degree, James was fortunate enough to gain valuable hands-on experience working with local sports teams, gyms and clinics. 

James is specialised in exercise prescription based on the needs of the individual. The sessions that James offers will include safe cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility, and floor-based exercise. Such prescribed exercises are established as educative sessions whereby activity is performed in a safe, supervised manner with appropriate modifications based on a levelled approach of intensity and workload tailored to an individual’s status.

Whilst completing his integrated Masters degree in Sports Therapy, James completed a year in industry working alongside international players providing the assessment of sporting neuromusculoskeletal injuries, along with their associated treatments and bespoke rehabilitation plans. More recently, in June of 2021, James became certified in Dry Needling at Level 5 for Sports Massage Therapy.

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Level 5 Dry Needling for Sports Massage Therapy
BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, University of Chichester
MSci (Hons) Sports Therapy, University of Chichester

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