When I recently asked My Daughter how she felt her relationship with food had changed since therapy, she said it was “transformed” and that she felt she had improved so much. So thank you

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The thing I liked the most was the ability to just chat about what's on my mind and the challenges I'm facing.


This experience truly transformed my relationship with food and Sarah was a massive part of that. I gave my everything in and out of the therapy room and now looking back I no longer recognise the person I was or the decisions I was making. I am only 17 years old and this counselling has truly transformed the course of my life. I would recommend any young person who was also struggling with their relationship with food to go in open minded and ready to receive help, because that’s what you will get.


She seemed very positive after today and we both feel of course she’s not cured of anxiety but she has developed strategies to help herself.
She understands and most importantly believes she now can be in charge of her own anxiety

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