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Professional support to help you overcome your eating disorder

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At ACEDS we offer a variety of treatment options to help you live independently and manage your eating disorder.

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Our psychological therapists can offer:


 There are four stages to treating an eating disorder through CBT-E. Stage one is starting well where regular eating and weighing are addressed. This also means we look at other factors that are maintaining the eating disorder. Stage two is where we review your progress. It is not uncommon to identify barriers such as low self-esteem, extreme perfectionism and anxiety. Together with your therapist you can make a plan to overcome these. Stage three is the longest stage where body image (checking, avoidance and feeling fat), dietary restraint and mood are explored. Finally mindsets are addressed and relapse prevention is planned as part of stage four and ending well. 


MANTRA uses integrative therapy and has been developed specifically for the treatment of anorexia nervosa. This treatment consists of 20-40 sessions where the cognitive, emotional, relational and biological factors of AN are addressed. MANTRA is used to progress into recovery by developing motivation to change and uses a collaborative approach to improve quality of life.

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